About Us

Dancewear Inc. is a family business.  We opened for business in 1998 when both our daughters were dancers.  At the time there were no stores in the Sandy, Utah vicinity.  Also the  existing stores on the way home from work in Salt Lake City were not opened past 5pm and as usual, I was always notified by my daughters that they needed new dance shoes, a leotard or jazz pants by the next morning.  Our family all loved dance; I was a dancer in my day as well.  So,  because of this dilemma and a need for a store in Sandy, Utah, we decided to open Dancewear Inc.

We wanted a store that served the needs of the dance community.  We wanted to make it easier for parents to supply their dancers with their current needs and with new and fun dance products and fashion.  We wanted to be around dancers and be part of the dance culture.  All of our store's staff are dancers.  We are all involved in dance and "We Celebrate Dance". 

Dancewear Inc Staff March 2016