Dance Paws

Dance Paws

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Dance Paws are designed by dancers for dancers to protect the feet without compromising the look and feel of barefoot dancing. They are handmade in the USA and help prevent blisters, skin tears, and friction burns. Made of form fitting spandex and an elastic band, Dance Paws® do not shift under the foot or slip down. Other features include moisture wicking fabric that provides a comfortable and dry environment for the ball of the foot. They fit securely with customizable toe holes and are available in several colors to make skin color perfectly with powder make-up.

Product Sizing for Dance Paws


Size Shoe Size
XXS 11 – 13
XS 1 - 2
Small 3 – 5
Medium 6 - 8
Large 9 - 10
XL 10 – 11
XXL 11.5 – 13
XXXL 13.5 - 15